About Nicole Chardenet

Humorous fantasy writer, computer geek, ex-medievalist dork and ex-belly dancer Nicole Chardenet is from The States.  She fled to Canada for better beer (at least that’s what she tells people who ask).  She is the author of “Young Republican, Yuppie Princess”, her debut novel, and has threatened to release future novels.  She is a practicing Pagan (we hope she’ll get it right some day) currently living in Toronto with her evil henchkitty, Belladonna.

Don’t mess with me.  I will totally @#$% you up.

One Response to “About Nicole Chardenet”

  1. Dear Nicole, love your blog and love our kitty cat. He’s ever soooooooo cute! Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate that you have mentioned my show, The Lit Chick Show, as one of your wicked good links. I wanted to give you the new URL for it, which is: http://www.litchickshow.com, and also clarify that the show is not just for female authors. I feature both males and females (and kitty kats. LOL). “Lit Chick” actually stands for “literary chick”, and that’s me. Hey, I hope you will drop by soon and perhaps even guest post?

    Warm regards to you and kitty!
    Sylvia Massara
    Novelist and host of The Lit Chick Show

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